Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I'm forever banging on about how good this shop below my studio on Great Eastern Street is, and here I go now on my blog. A Child of The Jago is the brainchild of Joe Corre of Agent Provocateur and Barnzley Armitage of..a lot of fashion moments. It's a modern take on Turn of The Century mens clothing, inspired by, and centered around Hogarth's "Gin Lane", which glares out at you in neon colours from the back wall.

(To the lady who took the photo above, I took the liberty of using it. As I'm IN it talking to Dave.)

The reason I like this shop has nothing to do with who came up with the idea or how supposedly cool it all is. What I love about this place is the fact that it invites you into a world. It's an open invitation to another time, a parallel dimension where punks, pirates, gin hags and teddy boys coexist in a post apocalyptic dream world. Nowt wrong with that. What I also like about this shop, apart from the great decor, which I had a little bit of a hand in by the way, is the fact that the staff are so bloody brilliant. Forget about that snotty fashionista attitude crap you get in some places were you can't touch anything, let alone afford it. These guys are sitting in London's craziest dressing up box and they WANT you to get involved. They don't really give a shit if you aren't buying it, they are passionate about clobber. There's an inspired mix of vintage stuff and new designs ranging from hoodies to frock coats and original "Let It Rock" ties from Vivienne Westwood's original pre- Sex shop. And what's more I have to say that most of this stuff looks just as great on women as it does on men. When my website launches soon (www.alitaylor.tv) you'll be able to see some of their hats and ties on my models in my "director's lookbook". I certainly intend to use some of this stuff in a music video or two.

Here's a drawing inspired by the hats.

They are having a late night shopping and gin party on Thursday 11th Dec. So I suggest you get in there, get involved and dress the hell up. The new magazine "The Daily Terror" is also being launched.

WEBSITE: The website has a great jukebox thing on it.