Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Every few months in Reykjavik  there's an invasion  of spandex clad girls or giant bunny rabbits. The Weird Girls Project is part art project, part massive giggle. Originally a photographic project conceived by Reykjavik artist and lycra celeb Kitty Von Sometime, it has developed notoriety in Iceland over the past couple of years as something of a phenomenon. The concept is simple; Get a bunch of girls together, dress up, have fun and be very, very silly indeed while the whole spectacle is photographed.  All this in the name of a laugh and confidence boosting, according to Kitty. Sounds good to me. The exciting bit; not a single one of the dozen or so girls who typically sign up knows what they are actually going to be doing. It's all a surprise. I like surprises.

It is now going cinematic and aims to create a film, directed by a professional music video director ( Me), without losing it's ethos of spontenaity, fun and surprise. To make things even more exciting, my good friend Emiliana Torrini has agreed to let us use the track "Heard it All Before" off her new Album "Me and Armini" as the soundtrack. We are all really looking forward to it. I made Emiliana's Sunnyroad video a few years ago so I'm looking forward to making a film that uses her music as a soundtrack. 

I'll be leaving for Reykjavik on Oct 2nd 2008 and will be blogging the trip as I go. All will be revealed about this years amazing costumes and ace location.

What's Icelandic for "Sounds like a right laugh" ? 

(If you have not see the Sunnyroad video, which I enjoyed making so so much, here it is. )