Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I'm bored of reading about what's going to be "bang on trend" in 2009. As if that means anything anyway. It strikes me that if a fashion, style, colour, religion, diet, hat, lipstick, car etc is "bang on trend" today it's likely to be bang off trend tomorrow. Which leads me to the conclusion that the phrase is nothing more than transparent corporate clap trap meaning "buy more stuff today, throw it away tomorrow".

So here are some things to be celebrated that are in no way bang on trend, and can't be bought anyway.

An old man's tattoo. I like this. I think it's the best tattoo I've ever seen.

Lilja Hrönn Helgadóttir's face. Lilja is not a movie star or a supermodel. She's a woman in Iceland. She doesn't have an album out or a line in Topshop, and she's not a "celebrity". She just has a great face.

Gustave Doré's "London" engravings might have been bang on trend in 1876. You can buy a book of them if you like. But I imagine the originals are too expensive to be a viable trend.

That's all.