Friday, 17 April 2009


It's been a while since I've blogged! But I have been busy, honest!

Here's my latest video for the MAGNIFICENT American band Yo Majesty and their dancy number "Don't Let Go."

VIDEO LINK ( click on the video to make it bigger)

Dubbed one of the 25 most exciting bands in America by the NME 2008, Yo Maj, as the crew and I like to affectionately call them, are a force to be reckoned with. A lesbian, Christian rap band from Florida, I like them because they do what they love, and they don't give a Goddamn what anyone else thinks about it.
This is their myspace page for those in doubt:

The video was shot, without the band, in various locations around London using an all female cast and crew, and focuses on real people out on a Saturday afternoon. We filmed in places where ordinary women typically go: nail bars, hairdressers, a yoga class, a wedding shop and a women's art class. Although it was made on a shoes-string budget, it's been the video most representative of me as a director so far. It allowed me to shoot loads of things I've been dying to do for ages; nudity, latex, big bums, women having a laugh, Hackney streets, and for vanity's sake, a director cameo role. It's sort of rude in an innocent way.

Producer- Liz Kessler
Production Company- Academy Films
DOP- Cathrine Derry
Editor- Darren Baldwin
Starring- Connee D as Latex LAdy

While shooting Yo Maj's video I also came across Bastard Batty Bass. It's rather good if you like that sort of thing. And I do.

I'm off to Martha's Vineyard next week to write and ponder the meaning of the ukele, trees and the sea. While I'm gone check out Mara Carlyle:

I hope Mr Dan decides to come too.