Sunday, 12 October 2008


Mr Dan (AKA Dan Carey) is one of the best brains in music and arguably the nicest man in Britain, if not the world. He's mixed, produced, written, and remixed with the likes of Hot Chip, CSS, Franz Ferdinand and the lovely Emiliana Torrini (who's music, co-written with Dan, I'm using for Weird Girls Episoe 6). Mr Dan is great. Most excitingly though he's the person I'll be collaborating with on my next project. For now we'll call it "IDEA".

"IDEA" was born of a marriage between my burning desire to push myself out of my comfort zone and make some music, and Dan's long obsession with expressing himself visually. In short; we plan to turn the musician/ video director relationship on it's head by switching roles and creating our own independent music video. Obviously we'll need each other's help. There will be rules and we'll be trying to facilitate and inspire but not to influence the other persons idea too much. A list of the rules will be available soon. What I love so much about Dan is his enthusiasm for things like this and his unerring faith in the process. It truly is an adventure.

Will keep you posted.