Friday, 10 October 2008


After spending a week in Iceland for the Weird Girls Episode 6 shoot (featuring music by Emiliana Torrini) I can truly say I love the place. From the incredible scenery to the kind cab driver who radioed the coach so that we would not miss it, to the documentary crew who gladly leant us their camera as a B-Cam, Iceland kept on delighting and amazing me.I love the girls, the boys, the "can do" spirit, the cabins we stayed in and hot tubs at Núpar in Ölfus (, Naked Ape clothing ( especially cat-suits and extra long leggings, Ghostdigital's new single "Hovering Hoover Skates" and their old album "In Cod we Trust" (, Reykjavik's village feeling, The Blue Lagoon Spa ( Not the cheesy soft porn film with Milla Jovovich....), Icelandic fish stew, the nations affection towards Emiliana, wearing spandex, the weird weather, the accent and layering lots of jumpers.

I  hope the economic situation results in less strife than people are expecting. Icelanders are a resourceful bunch anyhow. And as I overheard one person say in Reykjavik, "We can party our way through most disasters". I just hope most Icelanders realize that we don't actually think they are terrorists.....Thanks for that Gordan Brown...

I'll be back.

Weird Girls Episode 6 with music by Emiliana Torrini will be visible on AND VERY SOON.