Monday, 13 October 2008


I 'm counting my lucky stars. The closer it gets to editing time for Episode 6 of The Weird Girls Project the more excited I get and the happier I am that we are using Emiliana's music. I don't think I'd fully comprehended how much she's loved in Iceland until I went there. It's great when people like your friends, but when it's an entire country that likes them, that's amazing...and...a little weird. But in a good way.

I don't know if it was the excitement of the day, the incredibly good weather or a love of Emiliana that made two dozen people arrive so cheerful (and on time) on the freezing cold morning of the shoot. Whatever it was it was great and the Weird Girls turned out in full force. (Incidentally none of them are that weird, and that's not the point at all. The way I see it, the point is providing a bit of joy and fun for girls who might otherwise feel like weirdos for having hobbies like running around in spandex. For an explanation of "why" they do it see my first blog on the subject at the very bottom.)

As I've already said in an earlier blog the shoot day was a great success. We managed to shoot everything I'd hoped for, fighting hard against the clock. Incredibly we shot 4 x 64min tapes in 4 hours. Impossible? Well..we had the good fortune of acquiring a second camera courtesy of the kind documentary crew who were covering the day. It's a luxury a music video director shouldn't get used to! We had a lot of fun though and kept blaring out "Heard it All Before" on the loudspeakers. I'm sure all of Iceland could hear it.

Here's a mystery shot to whet your appetites. It was taken by Freida, who did a very good impression of a peeping tom and caused a stir.

After the shoot it was food and hot tubs for 16 hungry Weird Girls and a handful of crew. The best lamb I have ever tasted was provided by Kitty-Von Sometime.

The only pity is I know Emiliana would have enjoyed it too and she wasn't around due to music commitments. Throughout the process I've been keeping her informed about what I'm doing. She's been so brilliant about it, giving me total creative free reign, never questioning a thing. I think we built up that trust by making the "Sunnyroad" video. Dan Carey (AKA Mr Dan) who I've written about on here already, has been amazing too. Dan co-wrote the album with Emiliana and he's given me just as much trust and freedom as she has.

I'm really looking forward to editing this and seeing what fans of Emiliana think of it.