Friday, 21 November 2008


Tomorrow 2,700 postcard sized works of art go on sale at the RCA. The idea is that for £40 you could buy a Tracy Emin, Paula Rago or unknown RCA student. It's quite democratic really. There's also a raffle to win a place as one of the first 50 to take their pick. The exhibition has been open all week but there may be 100 other people who fancy the same piece as you, and it's first come first served tomorrow morning, It's limited to 4 pieces per person.

Here's some of my favorites as well as a picture of the tents that have been here since Wednesday. Spitefully I wish these tent people no luck because I suspect they are after the Emins and are missing the point somewhat. Maybe that's mean but I reckon this is about questioning the relationship between art and commerce, not being a slave to it.

I'll be down there tomorrow hoping to get a few that I like.